Welcome to Reisner Counseling Services

Parents of Children & Teens:

  • Are you walking on eggshells around your child?
  • Is your son or daughter fighting everyone around them?
  • Does he or she seem sullen and withdrawn?
  • Are they making poor life choices or having trouble making friends?
Young Adults:
  • Is college, work, or family getting to you?
  • Do you feel lost, not knowing where to go or what to do?
  • Looking to stop all the drama?
  • Sick of being angry and afraid all the time? 
On Going Group d20|Therapy
  • Combining Tabletop RPGs and group therapy, check out d20Therapy.com for more information on how to Level Up Your Life!
There is Help:
    Life does not have to be like this. Counseling for your child, or yourself, can really help to bring about the changes you have wanted for so long. Please feel free to explore my site and see how we can work together towards new ways of thinking, feeling and being.
-Michael Reisner, LMHC